Nukky Grissom x Stylin Flow Ent. x Belleville x Sept. 27

Got another headlining performance for y’all and this time I’ll be rolling through Belleville for “The Connection”, courtesty of JL Prophet and the rest of the fam at Stylin Flow Entertainment.

JL and I have worked together in the past and he doesn’t half-step, like, ever…so you know things will be proper.

My grandparents also live in Trenton (about 15-20 mins. away) so you best believe I’m bringing them out to party with us…Jaegar shots on them! Ha!!!

It all goes down at The Duke on September 27th so if you have that Quinte blood in you I expect to see you there!

Check the poster below for the rest of the details and…


Stylin' In Flow

Nukky Grissom x IllVibe x SOTI Niagara x Sept. 13

IllVibe is steamrolling into St. Catharine’s for the Niagara leg of his #SOTI Tour and he’s bringing me along for what I gaurantee will be a dope headlining performance. Think Miley Cyrus’ twerk performance was something to behold? Just you wait…

Along with the other super dope acts (Illy, ThaCapital E, Simply Put and Clarity), the competition-based format will also showcase a group of local acts going for the title of “Niagara’s Illest” and a spot in the Grand Finals in Toronto in October.

It all goes down at Mikado’s Nightclub in St. Kitts on Friday Sept. 13. Click the poster below for more details and…




Nukky Grissom x ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I was lying low on social media for the last few days wondering how long it was gonna take to get nominated; a social experiment of sorts if you will. Eventually, my brief duration in stealth-mode was all for naught and thus, I present to you my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

***QUE RANT***

If you’re on social media at all, you probably haven’t been able to avoid the multiple criticisms lodged at the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, mainly regarding the wasting of clean water and the narcissistic motives that MIGHT be behind some people’s participation.

Now the water concern I totally get; you could hop on a plane and in less than 10 hours, be somewhere else on the SAME planet where people have to walk 5 miles while carrying 80 lbs. of water…and that’s AFTER they just waited in line for 8 hours for a turn at the well (not to mention the the 5-mile hike there).

It’s crazy to think that this type of thing is actually happening on the SAME fxckin’ planet, but it is. Right NOW!!!

We can invent insane robot killing machines like drones but we haven’t figured out how to get everyone a glass of clean water? That’s crazy, so yeah, be a good human and donate to WATER.ORG, CHARITY:WATER or another reputable organization of your choosing.

Now as far as narcissistic motives go, I understand where the viewpoint comes from and there are undoubtedly thousands of people who never did an iota of research but still uploaded a grainy video in exchange for a couple of likes and retweets. That being said, the only people that care about it so much are the ones complaining about it, as if stating “my reasons for doing/not doing it are better than yours!!!” somehow makes them morally superior (and not just whiny lil’ bitches).

The ENTIRE point of the challenge was to keep the word spreading so even if you DID do it for the “wrong” reasons, you still contributed to the spreading and continued virality of the whole campaign which, again, was the whole point.

Perhaps the self-indulgent ones missed a great opportunity to educate themselves but that’s their loss.

***END RANT***

Now if you were one of the ones who whored yourself out for a little social media love but want a shot at redemption, feel free to check the links below.


ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is a progressive neuromuscular disease in which nerve cells die and leave voluntary muscles paralyzed.

ALS Canada, founded in 1977, is the only national voluntary health organization dedicated solely to the fight against ALS and support for those with ALS. ALS Canada is the leading not-for-profit organization working nationwide to fund ALS research and, with the Provincial ALS Societies, we all work to improve the quality of life for Canadians affected by ALS.

Co-founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, is a nonprofit organization that has transformed hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation. traces its roots back to the founding of WaterPartners International in 1990. In July 2009, WaterPartners merged with H2O Africa, resulting in the launch of works with local partners to deliver innovative solutions for long-term success. Its microfinance-based WaterCredit Initiative is pioneering sustainable giving in the sector.

Nukky Grissom x Diemens x Kitchener x August 15

The fam over at Diemens are kicking off a performance series called “Diemen Mine” and I’ll be rocking alongside them at their inaugural show this Friday in Kitchener (Molly Blooms @ Courtland/Manitou). It’s only a 10-dolla holla at the door so roll through!

Other acts on the bill include Spira, the ever-soulful Alex Price and the multi-talented instrumental band For The Kids. Click the poster below for full details and…

Reeeach!Diemen Mine


Random Musings Part 2

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s once again time for some more random musings courtesy of the world wide wide internet!


Finally, an explanation for this mystifying scientific phenomenon…

I played this for my Mom and she was like “I love that!!!”…I thought she meant the dancing but she actually really likes the song… #MoveThatDope

If you know anything about Gary Payton, you know that he was one of the (if not THEE) biggest trash talkers The League has ever seen…which makes this Jason Williams crossover even better. #FeelingNostalgicWatchingThis

As humans, we love to anthropomorphize animals. Naturally, I’m a sucker for a good animal vine/meme/GIF.
Funny Dog 1

Funny Dog 2

The chart below was put together by the Brookings Institute and is really perplexing when you actually put it in perspective. What the chart indicates is that 71% of legislative issues never get resolved due to the partisan our-way-or-the-highway-agree-on-nothing mentality that is rampant in Washington. Just think about that for a second; the same people that blew through $6 billion in campaign spending in 2012 only resolve 29% of issues that they’ve been elected to fix. They’re basically doing nothing. That said, I do believe we will one day reach a point where decisions are made based on what is best for the people and not what is best for political positioning… #PeopleFirst

155dd4684f0592f2eb98bd849a356a22Here’s a long but dope ass article on Chief Keef written for Vice Magazine by an English-lit grad turned heroin addict (since recovered)…

…to conclude that “Finally Rich” is the same sort of record as “Back From the Dead” and “Bang” is to miss a lot of the subtext underpinning many of the album’s tracks that give it a complexity…and this complexity reflects, I would argue, just what it means to come up as a young black male in one of the most forgotten corners of the dystopian 21st century American landscape…for all its posturing about balling hard and buying foreign cars, [Keef’s music] reflects the sort of seize-the-day attitude common among kids with few prospects for escaping the cycle of poverty, death and imprisonment that is their lot. Here too, “Hate Bein’ Sober” is, on the surface, a paean to smoking kush, drinking and popping molly, but where the fuck do you think this antipathy to sobriety comes from?


Here’s cool chart outlining the routines of some of the world’s most creative and influential thinkers including Mozart, Immanuel Kant and Maya Angelou (RIP) amongst others. My own routine is probably closest to Picasso’s with the majority of my creative work taking place beginning in the early evening (7ish) and going into the early morning (2-3ish) with a little leisure break sometime around midnight – which I usually spend eating and watching sports highlights haha…

Creative work

I’m admittedly a huge Ben Stiller fan… #Throwback

Random Musings Part 1

Dream Driven Tour x Mississauga x July 18

My dude ThaCapitalE is getting ready to embark on his “Dream Driven Tour” to promote his new album and we’ll be handling business at OKO RED Lounge in Sauga in July 18th to set things off.

The night will have 80’s Favourite Babies handling the music side of things and includes performances by ThaCapitalE, SupaMan Kaliente (KOTD), Dustin Wareham, Fatta, White, Phillie and Daniel Son. Oh, and me too…also…as well.

There’s a tonne of Sauga talent on this bill so if you’re from Sauga and want to see your city shine then reeeeach!

The rest of the details are on the poster below…

Tha Capital E, Nukky Grissom + More 1

Jonah Hill is Okay in My Books

Have you seen that viral video of that anger-crazed mother in Cheektowaga? You know the one where she’s incessantly hurling over-the-top racist slurs as her kids watch on? Yeah, that one…

While the unfortunate incident is just another shimmering example of our lack of respect for each other as human beings, Jonah Hill recently pushed humanity a small tiny shuffle-step further as he stood up like a man and apologized for his own innappropriately homophobic comments.

I probably wouldn’t be that impressed if his apology came in the form of an official PR statement, but the fact that he issued a genuine and unprompted apology on late night TV definitely earns him a couple redemption points.



I haven’t been posting nearly as often as I used to and I didn’t realize how much I missed sitting down and sharing ideas until I actually thought about it.

For the most part, I think the biggest reason why I stopped was because it simply wasn’t a priority amongst the daily grind of work, music and other “life shit”. Even though I genuinely enjoy writing and offering commentary on a vast array of topics, I basically stopped setting time aside to do the things that I enjoy most (like writing). In that, I think there’s a lesson to be learned for everyone; DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY*, F*CK EVERYTHING ELSE**


*Unless it’s illegal and/or harmful to others.
**Not literally.

Nukky Grissom x Hollapalooza

Just touching base to let you know that you can catch me on June 20th at Big Picture Cinemas in Toronto (1035 Gerrard St. East) for IllVibe’s 2nd Annual Hollapalooza Festival.

Presented by #SOTI and #TheNetwork, Hollapalooza has a stacked lineup of dope acts and is definitely not a night that you’d want to miss. I know that’s probably a phrase that’s overused but seriously, this night is going to be crazy.

Click the poster below to go to the Facebook event page and I hope to see y’all there!

Hollapalooza Nukky Grissom IllVibe

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