Rob Lowe – Stories I Only Tell My Friends (Review)

Rob Lowe should be the new Dos Equis guy – The World’s Most Interesting Man.

After ripping through his memoirs in less than two days (I was THAT hooked), Stories I Only Tell My Friends proved to be an incredibly entertaining read that gave me a new found respect for the guy I had always considered a C-Lister (or maybe a borderline B-Lister at best).

Knowing him primarily for his relatively small roles in Tommy Boy and Wayne’s World, I had no idea that this guy had been running the Hollywood gauntlet for so long, going full-throttle in the excess of the 80’s, long before I was even in Pampers.

From his modest beginnings in Dayton, Ohio to his sexual exploits with the Princess of Monaco (amongst others), Stories I Only Tell My Friends provides the back-story of the life of a man who has seen everything from rehab centers to near death experiences to Sting and Pavarotti privately recording a duet.

As entertaining as it is, Lowe not only manages to pull you into the moment by writing in the present tense, but also does so with a great sense of balance and perspective.

The book could’ve easily become a launching pad into endless braggadocio and self-sensationalism – where he lists off all of his famous friends, honeys that he’s banged and defining pop-culture moments that he witnessed firsthand – but he manages to steer clear and instead provides us with wry, self-deprecating humour and thoughtful insight that shows how these moments came to form the man we see today. And trust me, there were PLENTY of moments!

Born somewhere between the precipice of Gen-X and Gen-Y, I guess I was just too young to appreciate Rob Lowe and the longevity of his career, but after taking in Stories I Only Tell My Friends, I have to say I’m officially a fan.


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