Notre Dame Gunning For A BCS Championship!


It’s been a long damn time since the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have been relevant in the BCS college football scene but after knocking off a solid USC squad to put the final touches on a perfect 12-0 regular season, they’re back fighting for the BCS championship.

Needless to say, it’s a great time to be an Irish fan!

Now I’m not gonna front and act like I know every statline from every player that has ever passed through the storied Notre Dame program and I’m not even gonna pretend like I’m a college football nut. But I DO try to stay loosely connected and I HAVE been a Notre Dame fan since the early-to-mid-90’s, almost by default, as the Irish were the only team whose games were consistently broadcasted in my region.

As I watched Everett Golson dissect the USC secondary last night, I was brought back to my younger days where I can still remember running outside every Saturday, kicking field goals over the swing set at the park across the street or pretending to be Ron Powlus, scrambling away from imaginary defenders and juking tackles on my way to the endzone. Then, I would que up the “Victory March” fight-song and hum away.

Go Irish!!!

Reppin’ the Irish as a yute!

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