I. Am. Grissy. This is my blog. #WYOL is the hashtag I live by. It means “Write Your Own Legend”. It’s a reminder that we’re all creators and we’re all authors, whether we consciously realize it or not. But back to the “I Am Grissy” thing…

Although they’re only three simple words, “I AM GRISSY” stands to mean a lot more and the very creation of this website was conceptualized to bring you deeper into what it means to be Nukky Grissom. These are my thoughts, jokes, opinions, critiques, reviews, ideas, blah, blah, blah.

That said, this is the section where I’m supposed to talk about myself to provide you guys with a little insight as to what you’re getting yourselves into. Of course this section is written from the standpoint of my own self-image so I encourage you to browse around and create your own opinions.

Although I’m a million different things to different people, I think most people identify me as a rapper/songwriter/musician, which is a fair judgement considering I put every ounce of my being into music. If I’m not writing I’m recording, if I’m not recording I’m listening, if I’m not listening I’m researching the industry and so goes the cycle.

Now although I’ve been HEAVY into hip-hop culture since I was about 11 or 12, I like to think I have a fairly diverse taste when it comes to musical preferences. In fact, if I had to come up with a list of five artists I’d love to collaborate with, I’m not sure any of them would fit into the hip-hop genre. Hip-Hop is still my shit though and it takes up about 60-70% of my ipod.

As far as my own music is concerned, I just take inspiration from everyday life and try to capture ideas that stick with me through the day. It’s worked out pretty well for me as I’ve snagged a couple of award noms along the way, have been played on 60+ college radio stations across North America and have been places and done things I probably wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t doing music. It’s a blessing.

Aside from music, I also possess a fanatical passion for sports which you’ll definitely pick up on as you browse through the site. Although my main sport of choice is basketball – which you’ll also pick up on – I’m cool with just about anything from boxing and football to baseball and hockey. My teams are the Raps, Leafs, Jays and dare I say it, the Bills. Don’t say a thing or I’ll punch you in the neck.

Aside from the two primary interests above (music and sports), I’m also a huge documentary-whore and love streaming flicks whenever I find time – which sadly, isn’t often. Although I’ll watch just about anything, I’m a Comm. Studies grad so I naturally gravitate towards docs about politics, culture (and sub-cultures) and docs about how our society has come to be; shit blows my mind. I highly recommend Century of the Self and Why We Fight but if you’re having a rocket over for dinner and are going for a more light-hearted feel, you can’t go wrong with Air Guitar Nation or King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters. Trust me.

Anyways, this is probably already waaaay too long so I’ll leave it at that. If you’re still with me up to this point, I’d like to thank (and congratulate) you for sticking it out. I know that most people are too lazy to read anything nowadays and some people who visit this section will do a super-speed scroll to see how long it is and then click elsewhere – probably to go watch the video of Mark Sanchez wiping his booger on Mark Brunell – but that’s cool too…I just want everybody to have a good time.

Feel free to drop me a line at grissy[at]iamgrissy.com…I look forward to politicking with y’all…