I Wonder Where You Are

Nukky Grissom – I Wonder Where You Are

Yeah, I’m searchin’ yeah I’m searchin’ yeah I’m searchin’ for ya…
Yeah, yeah I’m comin’ yeah I’m comin’, yeah I’m comin’ for ya…

(Verse 1)
With each step I take in the game, the more I learn and the more I gain/
The further I go, I learn a bit about myself and learn I gotta go against the grain/Cuz
Cuz you can picture it, too smart to be put with the illiterate/
Too positive and don’t fit in the same group with the rest of them gangster kids/
But, I know where they comin’ from, shit, I’m cool with a bunch of them/
And they’re still part of me so occasionally my music is just for them/
But, I got some conscious shit, letter to myself on some honest shit/
No-hand keg-stand party shit, cuz shit I gotta cater to ‘em college kids/
Cuz, that too is part of me, got the hangover to prove it/
Don’t believe me, then you can meet me on campus, flip-cup, yeah let’s do it/
I got that stoner shit, even though I cut that habit back/
Catch me after a show, lemme take a quick toke, then you can have it back/
And I’m searchin’ here, lookin’ for my target demographic/
Best-way to put, very broad, some might say diplomatic/
And they ask me what my goal is, I say I just wanna make music/
Fuck a target market man, I make my shit cuz it’s therapeutic/

And I wonder, And I wonder where my place is
I wear too many, I wear way too many faces

(Verse 2)
Yeah, I burn it down, I “Run This Town” like Shawn Carter do/
Multi-faceted, but I dunno my competition or who to market to/
And I don’t wanna leave it in the hands of a man whose gonna decide on how to market you/
Cuz that me, is like puttin’ your name on a lease, and now they own a part of you/
And, well I’m not interested, it’s too late now, I’ve got too much invested/
And I can make the song, but they’re the ones who can make ‘em all go request it/
So what the fuck am I to do? Do I go and play that game?/
What the fuck do I got to lose? Pocket lint and this pocket change?/
Damn, they want it simple, but I ain’t no simpleton /
And I ain’t no joke, and I ain’t no clone, so you keep your stencil man/
I’m searching for my place to find the spot where I’m fittin’ in/
Small town kid with big city dreams and I stay mad sharp like pencil ends/
Yeah, I don’t write music, with the intent of blowin’ up/
I write this shit from my heart, I rip it open then sew it up/
This shit here ain’t about the accolades or fame/
But it just so happens those are some things I think I could attain/Yeah


And I wonder, And I wonder where my place is
Gotta go and find my spot up in this matrix

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