In Focus

Nukky Grissom – In Focus

This joints on some mellow shit…not ‘Melo like Carmelo Anthony, mellow like, like chilled out, you know?

Yeah, yeah…

(Verse 1)
I wake up every day of the week/
Get my grind in while everyone is layin’ asleep/
While they sleepin’, I get closer then to reachin’ my peak/
I gotta keep on they toes, it’s like they sneakin’ a peek/
And they tell me “stop chasin’, ain’t no sense racin’/
What makes so you special that you think you gonna make it?”/
I say, I ain’t racin’, shit I’m just pacin’/
You actin’ like a pediatrician with little patients (patience)/
And this? Man, it takes time, it takes a little faith’n/
A little bit of swag and a little bit of cadence/
A couple little mistakes, a little bit erasin’/
Cuz you’re bound to make a couple mistakes if you ain’t tracin’/
I mean, I’m the type to dig inside the pencil case n’/
Pull out the only color no one used, I concentrate and then/
You get a work of art, and then that color look amazin’/
And you sittin’ there like “Damn I wish I used that color first”/
See that was an analogy/
The fact I have to point it out always baffles me/
Cuz people gonna think that I really mean crayons/
Like literally real crayons, I’m like you little peons/
It was about fittin’ in/
Just bein’ yourself and not just followin’ the trends/
Cuz I could give a fuck about the color of your pen/
Or the color of a picture when you colourin’ it in/
Yeah, it’s about steppin’ out/
Lookin’ at the path and then chartin’ another route/
Yeah, I know it’s harder than it sound/
Especially with insecurities abound/
But look, if you’re worryin’ about bein’ the laugh stock/
Better that than just a number on graph chart/
Better that then just a member of a demographic/
Where they target you dependin’ on your spendin’ habits/
Damn, you win some you lose some/
But I’m the 96’ Bulls, I’m on cruise son/
And I’m gunnin’ for that ‘chip/
On that note, you better check the mates you runnin’ wit’/
Cuz even Michael had Scottie, and Scottie and Ron Harper/
And Harper had the bench and the rest of dem non-starters/
Yeah, it took ‘em all to win a ring/
So build a team around ya, come up with the perfect scheme/
And don’t be scared to dream/
And take the time to check out what they really mean/
Cuz deep inside ya, there’s something more tryin’ to provide ya/
The tools and clues and views to aspire/ To reach higher/
To be all you can be without the camouflage attire/
Yeah, you gotta put it all in focus/
And that’s real from The Secret to The Opus/

Put it all in focus
Yeah, you gotta put it all in focus…

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