Law Of Attraction

Nukky Grissom – Law Of Attraction
Yeah, yeah, yeah

(Verse 1)
They bangin’ on the door, like please just let us in/
They say when it rain it pour, then that’s when I say to them/
You got it backwards, your creating what you think about/
So while you focus on the rain, you miss the seed that’s gonna sprout/
I know it sound so simple, but if y’all don’t make some changes/
What the fuck you think’ll change, spend life goin’ through the same ol’ paces/
I see it first-hand, I’m from/A factory-town that’s like a/
Graveyard for average life and broken dreams, a bunch of lifers/
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, just tellin’ it like it is/
Cuz you can’t tell me this is what they dreamt about as kids/
Cuz they were doctors, astronauts, athletes, painters, and rockstars/
But as humans we always let something stop us/
And then we blame life/
Or work or money, school or kids or sometimes we even go blame Christ/
But there’s a tonne of people sitting in the same boat/
The difference is the ones who make it, they maintain hope/

Singing Oh-Ohhh on a Friday night and I heard everything’s gonna be alright (x4)

(Verse 2)
They bangin’ on the door, like please just make it stop/
They say when it rain it pour, so I say count the drops/
Gotta let ‘em cleanse you of the very thing that brought ‘em there/
Just let ‘em keep on fallin’, like leaves in the Autumn air/
Yeah, you got two options, you can change or accept it/
No middle-ground, one or the other, son, there’s no exceptions/
But it seems so often that we, rather kick back and blame others/
That’s cool, but ya can’t blame ‘em, when tomorrow come, and you still in the gutter/
Cuz they don’t make your bed, cuz see you make your own/
Every thought in your head, well that shit is your own/
So if you think the worst, then that’s the seed that’s sown/
So what the fuck you think you get when that seed is grown?/
I know it sound so simple, but if y’all don’t take some action/
What the fuck you think’ll change, the same shit always gonna end up happenin’/
Your life is like a hangin’ mirror starin’ back/
So if you want some change then change the shit you think you’re starin’ at/


And here we are, this moment’s all we got/So take it/
And Take it far, beyond where you thought you could take it/
Beyond the stars, this moment offers a new beginning/
Say Au Revouir, to whatever’s been holdin’ you back forever/

(Verse 3)
They breakin’ down the door, and now they gettin’ in/
They thought when it rained it poured, but now they dry again/
And it’s still raining out but see now they’re no longer wounded/
They’re like Rihanna, got the umbrellas out, and tap dance right through it/
Cuz now they get the picture, they live life just to live it/
Never lookin’ back cuz from here on out now it’s on them to make a difference/
I know it sounds so simple, but if y’all don’t see my logic/
Then you gon’ miss the boat and miss the life you’ve always wanted/

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