The Coming

Nukky Grissom – The Coming

Uh-Huh, yeah, yeah, yeah

Grissy-boy kill it, I been sayin’ this from day one/
Fuck fame, I need a snare for my bass strum/(Yeah)
I need a kick for my hi-hat/
I’ll never choke son, Grissy put the sample in the Heimlich/(Yeah)
Coffee’s on (Yeah), strong blend (WHAT!?)/
To help you fuckers wake up before the song end/(Yeah)
I hope you fuckers know you better step your games up/(Way up)
Or start smokin’ better weed, get your grades up/(Way up)
I don’t give a damn/
Y’all spit like girls dem sugar, y’all like Beenie Man/
Fuck it I don’t need a hand/
Game need change, your times up, I’m the meter man/
Checked your shit, yeah right-click (click), delete it then/(Gone)
Off my hard drive, you ain’t got my heart or my drive/
And that’s what seperates us, apartheid/
But I don’t think you dudes are gettin’ it/
Y’all ain’t fuckin’ with me man I swear you dudes are celibate/(Yeah)
And ain’t none as consistent/
Check the calendar year, yeah that ain’t a misprint/
Jimmy Cliff December (Woo!), Mixtape in June and (Woo!)/
NBA Preview by the Halloween moon/And
Project with N/A, IAMGRISSY.COM/
Solo album just needs a couple songs, then done/(Finished)
Before I scratch it off the list/
I gotta make a couple moves and take some calculated risks/
Cuz I feel I got some hits/
So I ain’t gonna waste my chance to get my name up in the mix/(Hell nah!)
So I’m gonna take my time here/(Yeah)
Carve a new path for myself, be a pioneer/(Yeah)
Yeah I’m gunnin’ for that penthouse view/
So figuratively speaking literally above you/
Yeah, that’s where I stay at/
Grissy gettin’ busy, crazy spittin’, get my strait jacket/
And they say hip-hop dyin’/
Watchin’ 106 n’ Park how can you deny it/
Wait (wait), who watches 106 anyways?/
I ain’t buyin’ that shit, consider that a penny saved/(Cha-Ching!)
Cuz that’s all the shit worth, I’m Albert Haynesworth/
“3-point”, cleats in the dirt, I’m comin’/
(Haha)Yeah, I’m comin’ (What!?)/
Call up CP24 and Dwight Drummond…it’s over…
Haha, Yeah

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