You Can’t Buy Cool

Nukky Grissom – You Can’t Buy Cool

(Verse 1)
They say that we need this and we need that/
All we really need is to scale ‘em needs back/
I use the term “needs” loosely/
Cuz life ain’t what you see in the movies/
Chasing that only leave you empty/
With your Benz and your Starbucks venti/
With your jewels and your take-out/
Go ahead, take your clothes, cut the tag-out/
Did the sky fall? Did you really change one bit?/
Shit, I didn’t think so/
You ain’t more or less smart/
You ain’t a better or worse son or daughter/
You ain’t more or less attractive/Nah
And the world still spin on its axis/Yeah
Cool ain’t sumpin’ you can buy/
It don’t come in a color or a size/Just breathe…

Breath it in and breath it out, and pass it on it’s almost out
We’re so creative and so much more, we’re high above, but on the floor
It’s not a habit, it’s cool, I feel alive
If you don’t have it your on the other side

(Verse 2)
10 years old, sittin’ in my living room/
Watchin’ MJ sellin’ me a pair of shoes/
I’m like “Damn, Nike Air?!”/
Man, I bet I could dunk if I had a pair/
Or at least touch the mesh/
Plus Mike wears ‘em, they gotta be the best man/
Hey Pop, can I get a pair?/
I won’t ask for another thing all year/
He got some pretzels from the cupboard/
Sat down and said, “you’ll have to ask your mother”/
Great, I knew what that meant – not a chance in the world/
I ain’t even bother askin’/
I spent the rest of the year/
Playin’ in ‘em blue and white Brooks with the smears /
Thing is, I was still the best player/
Shit was all me, them shoes were just layer/Just breathe…


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