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Nukky Grissom x ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I was laying low on social media for the last few days wondering how long it was gonna take to get nominated; a social experiment of sorts if you will.

Jonah Hill is Okay in My Books

Word to Jonah Hill yo…

Syria – Just My Opinion…

It’s been a minute since I’ve written about anything political but this whole Syria debacle has me chomping at the bit.

Third Party Presidential Debate (Full Video)

The “Third Party Presidential Debate” took place in Chicago last week…I’m only posting it now because it was pretty much ignored entirely by the mass media…

Thanksgiving Is Coming. Give Back.

Thanksgiving is creeping up quick and with the cold weather filtering in faster and faster, things are only going to get tougher for those without the proper resources to support themselves.

Jesse Ventura x Piers Morgan

Jesse Ventura vs. Piers Morgan.

Piers, you got sonned, son.

Harper’s New Band-Aid: Bill C-10

What do Stephen Harper, Bill C-10 and crime all have in common?

Canada would be a lot better off without them.

KONY 2012 – It’s Bigger Than You Think

KONY 2012 is an example/experiment of the power of social media on a grand scale, and if successful, governments around the world will be shitting their pants…

Super Bowl XLVI Commercials – A Sneak Peek

With Super Bowl XLVI upon us, here’s a sneak peek at a few of the commercials you can expect to see.

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