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Nukky Grissom x Our Time x Official Video

I’m super stoked to release this video because it almost never happened.

Nukky Grissom x Our Time x Artwork

Here’s the artwork for Our Time, a new promo cut that I’m dropping next Sunday…

Nukky Grissom x Our Time x Coming Soon

Be on the lookout for my new promo video “Our Time”…coming March 16!

Picasso I’m Not!

With no regard for my lack of painting skills, I decided to try and paint my next cover art.

Nukky Grissom x Grind (#FromMeToYou)

There’s 168 hours in a week. Out of that 168, I spend about 45 of them sleeping, 30-40 at my “regular” job and another 40-50 working on music-related stuff…

Nukky Grissom x Christmas In Harlem Remix (#FromMeToYou)

This track here is something I just threw together quickly and is a festive little diddy over Kanye’s “Christmas In Harlem”. If you’ve ever tried to pull an all-nighter on Christmas Eve to catch Santa in the act then this one is for you..

Trish x Nukky Grissom x Maxwell’s Music House x Kitchener

Cronically ILL and Global Gift Ent. are teaming up to throw a party to celebrate the release of Trish’s new project “My Escape”. I’ll be there, you should be too!

#NQWN – Week 9

Things get a little more somber in this week’s segment of #NQWN…

Nukky Grissom x Shows X November

I figured I would amalgamate several different posts into one so if you’re looking to catch me live this month you can find me performing at the following…

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