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Dream Driven Tour x Mississauga x July 18

My dude Capital E is getting ready to embark on his “Dream Driven Tour” to promote his new album and we’ll be handling business at OKO RED Lounge in Sauga in July 18th to set things off.

Nukky Grissom x #FromMeToYou x Mixtape Download

Want a free mixtape of rare and unreleased material? All you have to do is join the mailing list!

Nukky Grissom x Hollapalooza

Just touching base to let you know that you can catch me on June 20th at Big Picture Cinemas in Toronto (1035 Gerrard St. East) for IllVibe’s 2nd Annual Hollapalooza Festival.

Nukky Grissom x Diemens x Seraph (Remix)

My DreamFactory bros Diemens recently released the visuals for their track “Seraph” so I did a quick little remix to help promote it.

Nukky Grissom x Our Time x Official Video

I’m super stoked to release this video because it almost never happened.

Nukky Grissom x Our Time x Artwork

Here’s the artwork for Our Time, a new promo cut that I’m dropping next Sunday…

Nukky Grissom x Our Time x Coming Soon

Be on the lookout for my new promo video “Our Time”…coming March 16!

Picasso I’m Not!

With no regard for my lack of painting skills, I decided to try and paint my next cover art.

Nukky Grissom x Grind (#FromMeToYou)

There’s 168 hours in a week. Out of that 168, I spend about 45 of them sleeping, 30-40 at my “regular” job and another 40-50 working on music-related stuff…

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