Nukky Grissom x Diemens x Seraph (Remix)

My DreamFactory bros Diemens recently released the visuals for their track “Seraph” off of their Genesis EP so I did a quick little remix to help promote it. You can download the promo remix here, here or here but I would suggest you buy the original and support a great cause***…or better yet, download the remix AND buy the original! Don’t ask me how I come up with such great ideas…

Anyways, you can catch the official video as well as the corresponding mini-documentary below:

***Seraph is a biblical term that means women. The song is an ode to all the strong, independent women in our lives have gone through numerous trials and tribulations in order to make our lives better. Diemens has partnered up with the Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis women’s shelter on this project where 100% of the proceeds made from this single will be donated to the shelter. – Diemens

Show your support by purchasing ‘Seraph’ here

Nukky Grissom x Our Time x Official Video

It is with great pleasure that I release to you my new video for “Our Time”, a promo track shot and edited by TristanCM.


We had a very limited amount of time (schedule-wise and in terms of daylight hours) to make this thing happen and by the grace of some sort of divine intervention, we pulled it off, albeit just barely. Fighting our way through traffic, road construction and other delays, Tristan and I managed to link up with the rest of the homies at the harbourfront just in time to catch one of the last ferries to the island with MAYBE 20-30 seconds to spare. If we had caught one more red light or parked a few rows further over than we would’ve been screwed and I wouldn’t be sharing this video with you right now – at least not in its current form. For that, I’m thankful.

Special shouts go out to the homies BC, ThaCapitalE, SpecsOne, Deez Nuts and Divo for braving the harsh Toronto winter for me.

Nukky Grissom x Our Time x Artwork

Here’s the artwork for Our Time, a new promo cut that I’m dropping next Sunday…

I hand-painted everything except the hour/minute hands :)


Nukky Grissom - Our Time (500)

Nukky Grissom x Our Time x Coming Soon

Nukky Grissom - Our Time (Clams Casino)

Be on the lookout for my new promo video “Our Time”…coming March 16!


Picasso I’m Not!

With no regard for my lack of painting skills, I decided to try and paint my next cover art.

“Our Time” promo single coming soon!

Nukky Grissom - Our Time

Nukky Grissom x Grind (#FromMeToYou)

With so many songs sitting around – both old and new – I’ve decided to do a little purge and start putting out some of them one by one. I’m going to call this series #FromMeToYou because, well, these songs are quite literally #FromMeToYou.

There’s 168 hours in a week.

Out of that 168, I spend about 45 of them sleeping, 30-40 at my “regular” job and another 40-50 working on music-related shit. It’s exhausting at times, no doubt, but there’s some kind of intangible value that comes with doing what you love.

Produced by Vokab, this song is about 2 years old and is dedicated to the 9 to 5er’s who go home and put in a 5 to 9…

Nukky Grissom x Christmas In Harlem Remix (#FromMeToYou)

With so many songs sitting around – both old and new – I’ve decided to do a little purge and start putting out some of them one by one. I’m going to call this series #FromMeToYou because, well, these songs are quite literally #FromMeToYou.

This first track here is something I just threw together quickly about a month ago and is a festive little diddy over Kanye’s classic “Christmas In Harlem” instro. It’s not really a song in the classic sense of the word and is moreso a stream-of-consciousness narrative, reminiscing on the days when schoolyards were filled with existential debates about Santa.

If you’ve ever tried to pull an all-nighter on Christmas Eve to catch Santa in the act, then this one is for you.

You can also get it for FREE if you have the 1.8 seconds it’ll take to share on Facebook or Twitter. As always, it’s greatly appreciated!

Trish x Nukky Grissom x Maxwell’s Music House x Kitchener

Cronically ILL and Global Gift Ent. are teaming up to throw a release party for the lovely Trish and it’s all going down at Maxwell’s Music House in Kitchener this Saturday.

I’m going to be performing a few tracks (along with some other dope acts) and admission is only $5 at the door so if you’re in KW then reeeeach!


#NQWN – Week 10

Week 10 of #NQWN tackles a debate of legends: Jay Z or Nas?

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